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9 best home remedies to remove dark circles

Hello Readers, Today will talk about 9 Best home remedies to remove dark circles. It also known as Peri orbital dark circles. Before i tell you the DIY to treat the dark circles, lets understand the reasons. There are many factors that causes dark circles under the eyes. Some of these common causes include Fatigue, Age, Eye Strain, Allergies, Dehydration, Sun exposure and Genetics.

Fatigue: This happens due to lack of sleep and tiredness tend to cause blood vessels under the thin skin of the eyes, creates dark skin and puffiness under the eyes.

Age: Natural aging is other common reason to get dark circles. As you get older your skin becomes thinner and dark.

Eye Strain: There is great possibility of causing dark circle due to eye strain. Because, the skin around the eyes are thin and fragile. When you look at a system for longer period that causes eye strain which leads to darken skin. Remember always to give some time to rest your eyes.

Allergies: When you have a allergic reaction, you will have a symptoms of itchiness, redness and puffiness. Allergic reaction can also urge you to rub and itch around your eyes which results dark skin under eyes.

Dehydration: Its a common cause of dark circles under eyes, When you are not taking sufficient amount of water skin begins to look dull.

Sun Exposure: Over exposure causes your skin to produce melanin. Too much sun specially your eyes become dark.

Genetics: If a person is suffering from dark circles from your family then there is chance to get to their children. It completely depends on your body it can worsen the situation or they slowly disappears.

I hope you understood the reason why i elaborated the causes. Lets Talk about DIY.

1.Almond Oil:

Almond oil contains ant inflammatory and antioxidants. It also contains vitamin E, Vitamin K and Retinol which helps to reduce the dark circles and puffiness. Take few drops of Pure Almond oil mixed with vitamin e oil and gently massage under eyes on affected area. Leave it for Overnight then wash it off in the morning with cold water.


2. Cucumber Juice:

It has skin lightening properties which helps to reduce dark circles. You can apply slices of cucumber overnight or else you can apply juice. It works like wonders.

Cucumber slices to treat dark circles
Cucumber slices

3.Tomato Juice :

It has bleaching properties and reduce dark circles. Apply tomato juice mixed with lemon juice or lime juice apply it overnight then wash it off in the morning with cold water.

Caution: Lemon can allergic to some types of skin. Before you apply please do a patch test. My skin is very sensitive so before i apply anything i always do a patch test. So please check before you apply lemon .

4. Green tea bags:

It helps to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness or swelling. Boil 2 green tea bags for for 10 minutes in half cup of water. Remove tea bags and refrigerate for an hour then put it on your eyelids.


Green tea bags to remove dark circles
Green tea bags

5. Cold Milk:

It is an effective agent in removing dark circles. Soak a cotton ball into cold milk and place it on affected area wash it off after 15 to 30 minutes.

6. Rose Water:

Rose water is very useful to remove dark circles. Soak a cotton balls into rose water and apply it on affected area. Leave it for over night then wash it off with cold water.


7. Raw potato:

Potato also contains bleaching properties they help in reducing dark circles and remove puffiness. Apply Slices of potato or you can use potato juice also.

8. Honey:

It contains anti oxidants properties, it soften your skin and helps to remove dark circles in no time.

Honey for dark circles
Honey for dark circles

9. Coconut oil:

It has moisturizing and properties nourishing properties which helps to reduce dark circles. It also promotes good and healthy skin.


I hope you all liked the DIY . I would like to suggest to use all organic and natural items to make this DIY, as it wont be having any kind of side effects. Results last longer than other harsh full chemical or creams. You can buy the items from the products links given which are safe to use and which i personally recommend.

Follow any of these DIY everyday to notice good results, and it also gives you natural and glowing skin.

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