Homemade-Foundation Powder

DIY: 2 Homemade Foundation Powder of your choice

Hey Lovely ladies, Today i’m going to share you all an amazing diy on how to make homemade foundation powder of different shades using kitchen items. Foundation has many benefits specifically helping in smooth out your texture and hide those natural marks. But, mostly store bought make up products contains list of toxic ingredients that can damage your healthy skin. Some of these ingredients are Toxic parabens, Synthetic scents, nano particles, formaldehyde .

The easiest and healthiest thing to do is to make your own cosmetics or makeup products. I hope you all liked my last home made make up recipes of Eye shadow and Blush. Remember to use all natural ingredients.

DIY homade foundation powder
DIY homade foundation powder

1.Homemade foundation Powder

Main Base Ingredients:

Arrow root powder- Very white color

Rice bran Powder- Creamier than arrow root suits dry skin

orris root powder- Very light cream color

Color Chart:

Cocoa Powder


Nut meg


Take 1/4 cup of arrow root powder or the one from the base ingredients into a bowl.

Mix 1/4 tsp choice of your color and mix well .

Add more color and mix until you achieve shade of your skin color.

2. Homemade foundation recipe

Main Base Ingredients:

Arrow root powder

Kaolin Clay

Cocoa Powder


Mix 1/4 cup off Arrow root Powder and Kaolin clay

Add cocoa power and mix , add more until you achieve your shade


Always make small batches and less quantity of powders so that you can more if you needed.

Once the foundation powder is ready, remember to make a patch test on wrist only

Document all DIY’s for future Use.

If your skin is sensitive to cinnamon avoid using it. you can go with other color from the options given.

Benefits organic color:

Cocoa Powder:

Its an amazing ingredient that not only give delicious taste in recipe, but it also works great for skin. Cocoa contains high antioxidants which helps to give you a healthy skin.


It helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Cinnamon works great in treating eczema, acne and reduce the signs of ageing.


It helps to reduce the pimples and wake up the dead skin cells. Nutmeg is know to have curative properties that heals appearance of scars.

Hope you liked the new DIY. Do comment and share

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