Korean Face sheet masks

DIY face sheet masks- The Korean Miracle

DIY face sheet masks have become so popular these days. This much trending product endorsed by few celebrities became a big hit in the market. Recent trend for quick facial care is Face sheet mask. This Korean beauty product is not very expensive but can also be made at home. Once used you can never get enough of them!

Face Sheet Masks give required attention to hydration and skin care for your tired skin. You need to experience this to accept the hype around.

It is pretty easy to make as you only need to soak thin sheets of cotton in different combinations of concoctions and apply them on your face, directly. Cotton baby wipes and cotton mask sheets can also be used as a base if you want to prepare these sheets at home.

Korean Face mask Sheets
Korean Face masks Sheets

Korean DIY face sheet masks recipe:

Green tea face sheet mask

Power house for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients is green tea. Green tea not only adds healthy glow to your skin but also repairs DNA of your skin. Green tea fights skin damage from harmful UV rays present in sunlight.

Maximum benefits of green tea can be availed when you prepare a good extract for your base. Take boiling water, about a cup, to this add around five green tea bags. Soak this for about 20 mins. Once this concentrate is prepared, cool it at room temperature. For additional benefit, add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to this mixture. Dip dry sheets into this brew for 30 mins and refrigerate the masks for an hour. Use these masks and look young with these anti-aging Green tea masks!

Green Tea Face Sheets
Green Tea Face Sheets

Raw milk face sheet mask

What is common in lactic acid, calcium, vitamins and proteins?? They all can be found in raw milk. Milk is hence simply called as whole food which is why it fetches maximum benefits to your skin. Preparing milk mask is easy as you need to add the face sheets to a cup of milk along with your choice of ingredient. Add-ons to raw milk mask can be based on your skin needs, you can use avocados for extra nourishment; oatmeal for exfoliation; turmeric and lemon to fight acne. If you are trying face mask for the first time and you like to play around with different combinations, I suggest you to start off with raw milk face sheet mask.

Rice Milk Face Sheet Mask
Rice Milk Face Sheet Mask

Rice water Face Sheet Mask

Ever wondered how Koreans maintain their soft and supple skin? Their die secret is Rice water which rejuvenates skin cells, promotes elasticity and reduces skin pores.

Extracting rice water is pretty simple as you need to first clean rice. Soak small amount of rice, preferable brown rice in water and strain it. Take freshwater and add it to the rice again to soak the washed rice well again, leave this overnight. On next morning, immerse facial sheets into this mixture and let it rest for half an hour. Refreshing rice water sheet masks are ready for use!

Rice Water Sheet Mask
Rice Water Sheet Mask

Good news is that these DIY face sheet masks can be stored too!

You can definitely reserve these put-ons by folding them and placing them into neat zip-lock bags. Avoid any kind of air inside these bags and refrigerate them. Shelf life of these masks are for about two weeks.

Purchasing ready to use masks from the market can cause side-effects due to the additives and chemicals used in it. Making simple and easy masks can give you desired benefits.

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