DIY: Make 100% Natural cream blush in 5 minutes

Hello Readers, Today’s topic is going to be very interesting because i’m gonna share you a DIY to make 100% natural cream blush. Isn’t it exciting? yayyyy!

Before we jump into the topic , I would like to thank every individual who followed my blog and posts. Especially i wanted to thank those bloggers who subscribed my blog and Thanks for your motivation.

I hope everybody does know what is blush and for those who don’t know the blush and benefits continue reading it without jumping to the recipe.

What is Blush?

Blush is a pigment added in powders and creams to give you a natural glow. Not everyone has a natural blush but you don’t need to worry you can go with a blush.

Cream blush looks more natural than powder and goes longer. It gives you a natural glowing skin and can be used over foundation or bare skin too. Especially it looks more natural on bare skin than over foundation. Those who have a bad experience with Make up can go with a natural blush without a second thought. My skin is super oily and sensitive so i always prefer cream blush over bare skin than makeup. Because, makeup breaks me out and it irritates my skin.

DIY natural Cream Blush
DIY natural Cream Blush

Lets come to recipe to make Natural cream Blush you just need 4 ingredients.

Natural Cream Blush Ingredients :

2 tbsp organic Shea butter

1 tbsp Vegetable based emulsifying wax

1 tbsp Aloevera leaf juice (I prefer to use the natural one if you don’t have a plant then you can buy online Wow Aloe Vera gel, but i suggest to buy a plant. Plant contains lot of benefits to your skin, hair and it generates good positive energy in your home. Ill share you the benefits in detail in our next topic)

Beet root powder or Madder root power or you can use Color pigments

1- Container

Preparation method:

Add organic Shea butter & emulsifying wax into a glass bowl.

Using the double boiling method heat the mixture.

Add Aloe Vera juice to the mixture and stir to blend the ingredients completely

Gradually add the required amount of beetroot powder, to get desired shade.

You can easily make Beet root powder at home. Ill share you the DIY in my next post.

Pour the mixture into container and let it cool. It hardly takes 30 minutes to cool down the mixture. Your natural cream blush is ready.

Try this recipe at home and let me know your experience

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