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DIY: Make your own Eye shadow in just few minutes

Hello Readers, This is my second DIY post of makeup recipe. This post is about How to make your own eye shadow in just few minutes. I hope you enjoyed my last post i e Natural Cream Blush . You are going to enjoy more while experimenting the natural diy recipes.

Eye shadow can be an amazing eye-enhancer. Choosing the right product and using organic ingredients can give you the best skin. Most of the Indians avoid applying makeup because it contains toxic ingredients that can damage the skin and i’m the one of those. As i mentioned in my last post my skin is very allergic to makeup, not only makeup but most of the products doesn’t suit my skin. Recently, i had a very bad experience with makeup where i used the products of leading brand in the world. After removing, it made my skin very dull, broke me out and completely irritated my skin.

After doing a quick research i came to know about this DIY recipe and i thought of sharing with you. It is very simple to make and safe to use.

Let’s check how to make your own eye shadow:

mAKE YOUR own eye shadow
mAKE YOUR own eye shadow

Main Base Ingredients:

1/2 tsp of arrowroot powder

1/4 tsp of Organic Shea butter

Color Chart:

Use cocoa powder or nutmeg powder to get Brown color

Turmeric to get Gold color

Beetroot powder to get pink color

Red clay for Red color

Green clay or Spirulina to get Green color

Mica color of your choice

Optional: Aloe Vera gel


Blend Arrow root powder and your choice of color.

Depending on the color you need add more or less arrow root powder and color, until you get the color of your desire shade.

If you want lighter shade use more arrow root powder.

If you want darker shade add activated charcoal powder.

Always Start with small batches, experimenting is a part of fun but keep documented while making the recipe. So, you can refer next time when you needed to make the same.

Keep in mind, if you are planning to use cocoa add little little amount of powder. Because, the more you use , the darker it will be.

Add the 1/4 tsp Shea butter to the mixture and blend it using a spoon.

Do not use more Shea butter as it will make a creamy texture.

Once the eye shadow is ready place in a small container or storage.

Before applying make sure your skin is clean.

I hope you like it. Do comment and share

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