Eat right as per your body shape

We all know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. This means not all diets affect everyone the same way. Want to know what you should be eating according to the way your body is shaped? Then you can read along as we tell you how to eat right as per your body shape!

Apple Shape:

Anyone who has an “Apple” or top-heavy body type knows it can be a little difficult to target problem areas. People with this body shape usually have larger chests, backs and waistlines when compared to their lower body. What makes it so hard to target those problematic spots is that most of their fat seems to collect in their mid-section. Considering most people want to have a teeny waistline for bikini season, you apple bodies know the struggle is real. So what can apple shaped body people do to get healthy and look and feel great? It’s all about making sure you are putting the right things in that apple shaped body of yours.

When it comes to meals focus on foods that are great for your heart. Think whole grain breads, quinoa and oats. Get proteins into your diet that is low in trans-fats such as beans, chia seeds, Flax seeds, nuts, reduced fat cheeses, Organic Apples, White beans, dark chocolates and soy-based products, also avoid processed foods.


Recomended exercises:

Cardio for balance of fat burning and toning the body

Lower body exercises using weight but avoid using upper body.


If you were to believe mainstream media and men’s magazines, you would think hourglass figure is the most beautiful body. We are here to tell you that all shapes and sizes of women are beautiful regardless of what you see in the magazine. And if you are someone who rocks and hourglass
figure, then you already know you probably suffer from some weight gain problems. But just like everyone else, women with hourglass bodies have to work at maintaining their weight and figures.

We have some tips if you want to eat right as per your body shape to keep that beautiful body of yours. To keep inches off your waistline, try to stay away from snacking on foods that are high in saturated fats. Instead, swap them with those foods like sweet potatoes, leafy green salads and reduced fat yogurt. It also wouldn’t hurt to add some low-sugar fruit and veggies to your diet as well. More foods to write-off from your diet are foods that are high on glycemic index such as watermelon, pineapple and whole grain bread and starchy vegetables. Avoid eating late after 8pm, Alcohol, Refined sugars and Caffeine.

Pineapple and Watermelon
Pineapple and Watermelon

Recomended exercises:

Cardio exercises are best including running.

Exercises are of whole body like circuit training.


People with rectangle shaped bodies are those who have the same size shape, waist and hips and all the way down. This gives the illusion of the person’s body looking like a straight line, hence called “Pencil body” as well. The tough thing about having this body shape is that your fat usually builds up around your belly. But don’t worry as we have some tips to get you back on the straight and narrow!

When it comes to this body shape, it important to pay attention to time and what you put on your plate. You should eat every four hours and stick to healthy portions, also aim for three servings of low-fat dairy like cheese and yogurt a day! Do not eat readymade foods, White rice, fast foods, fries, beverages and alcohol.

Recomended Exercises:

Regular cardio exercise concentrated to trim the upper body and a healthy diet.

Squats and leg presses are great resistence exercises for rectangular shaped bosy


Another body type that many people find ideal is pear-shaped body. That’s because women with this body shape tend to gain weight in their hips, bottoms and thighs. Women who fall under this category constantly have to check their diets and physical activity if they want to keep their lower haft looking tight and toned.

Women with this body type should focus on getting a lot of fiber by eating high fiber fruits and vegies as well as small portion of oats and brown rice. Also include lean protiens like fish and , leafy vegetables skinless chicken in your meals . Avoid eating tofu, Excess coffee, processed meats and white carbs


Recomended Exercises:

Combined upper body exercises to give shape to the arms and shoulders.

Lunges and squats for lower body, avoid weight lifting on lower body.

Did you learn anything about What you should eat as per your body shape, comment in the comment section below!

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