Korean beauty secret-rice for youthful skin

Korean beauty skin care routine has become very popular in these days. In Korea rice is the most common food that is served with most Korean meals. So its almost no wonder that the easiest trick that’s been used by Korean women’s from decades to achieve younger and brighter skin. Specifically, there are lot of benefits with Rice water not only for skin but hair too. Rice water is full of vitamins and minerals that works wonders on skin and hair. Traditionally in some countries like China, Japan and in some other southeast Asian countries,Women’s used to take bathe with rice water to get glassy skin and strong hair. You can use rice in many ways for beauty such as Toner, cleanser, DIY face Sheet Masks, and Face masks But, for now lets talk about the rice benefits for skin.

Why Rice Water?

Rice water is far more beneficial than artificial products which claims to lighten and brighter skin. But, these products can actually harm your skin due to chemicals used in it. The ceramide component in rice helps to promote clearer and toned skin. Rice water is also known to have a great moisture content that gives natural moisturizing effects. The nutrients in rice water nourishes the skin to bring about Firming and Anti- aging effects. Brown rice has more nutrients than white rice, so you can use brown rice too as mask and toner.

Tips to know before using rice water or toner, cleanser and mask

1. Do not use the first batch water on hair or skin as it contains more impurities and dirt that actually irritates your skin. Use the second batch or third batch water to clean your face.

2. Before applying the rice water make sure you washed your face properly to remove dirt and makeup.

3. Do not wash your face roughly, be very gentle with your skin.

4. Do not use warm rice water if your skin is too sensitive to hot. Better go with a normal or cool rice water.

How to make Rice water?

Steps to make rice water

1. Soak rice for about 10 minutes to take off the dirt and impurities.

2. Wash the rice and take off the first batch water.

3. Take the second batch water into a separate bowl which is left on the bottom.

4. Your rice water is ready

Korean Rice Water
Korean Rice Water

How to use rice water?

1. Take cotton soak in rice water then apply it gently over your face and neck to cleanse.

2. Wash it off normal water after 15 minutes

3. Repeat this process everyday to see the amazing results

How to Make Korean Rice Mask?

Steps to make Rice Mask

1. Soak rice for about 20 minutes, then take off the first batch water

2. Use the second or third batch water to make the mask

3. Grind the rice or you can use the rice flour too, add a teaspoon of honey and required quantity of second batch water to make smooth paste.

Korean Rice Face Mask
Korean Rice Face Mask

How to use Rice mask?

1. Apply it over you face and neck. Let it dry then wash it off with normal water.

You can leave rice mask overnight to get extra benefits.

How to make Rice Toner?

Steps to make Rice Toner

1.Soak rice for few minutes, Take off the first batch

2. Take the second batch of rice water in a jar which looks like cloudy.

3. Pour this water into air tight jar and store it in refrigerator it will last for 4-5 days.

4. Natural rice toner is ready.

Korean Rice Toner
Korean Rice Toner

How to Use rice toner?

1. Soak the cotton balls in rice then apply it over your face and neck as a toner.

2. Gently massage on your skin for couple of minutes

3.Toner helps to stimulate blood Flow, and helps to minimize your pores and gives you clear and brighter skin.

Hope you liked it. If you are looking for more face masks for skin whitening then follow our blog.

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