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Magical Weight loss drink to detox your body

If you have put on kg’s of weight and want to detox your body then it may be the time to take this magical weight loss drink. This drink makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This is a simple recipe you can make in just 2 minutes with all natural ingredients.

The main ingredients for this magical drink include Lemon juice, ginger, Apple cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.

Let’s Jump to the Recipe.


  1. Warm Water
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – 2tsp
  3. Ginger-1tsp
  4. Cinnamon- 1/4 Tsp
  5. Cayenne Powder- Pinch
  6. Lemon Juice- 2tsp of Raw Honey

Directions To Make Magical Weight loss Drink :

  • The very first step to make this Magical weight loss drink take a glass of warm water.
  • Now add apple cider vinegar and Ginger to your warm water, then stir it.
  • Add Cayenne powder and lemon juice, To add bit sweetness to your drink add organic honey.

Weight Loss drink

Your Magical Weight loss drink is ready.


  • Remember to take this drink when it is warm.
  • I recommend taking this drink 3 times a day about 20 minutes before lunch for intense detoxification or a minimum of 1 time a day before breakfast.

Benefits of the ingredients:

  1. Apple cider contains low calories that help to boot your weight loss. It helps to suppress fat accumulation and helps to keep you fuller for a longer period so that you don’t crave for food that easily.
  2. Cinnamon helps to burn fat as it contains chemical compounds.
  3. Cayenne helps to burn more calories and it helps to increase your metabolism.
  4. As you all know Ginger has numerous health benefits. It makes you feel fuller and balanced blood sugar can prevent you from overeating.
  5. Lemon supports hydration, boost metabolism and increase weight loss.

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