Perfect Tricks of Meghan and Kate

Steal those picture perfect tricks of Meghan and Kate

Sometimes it feels like Meghan and Kate know magic! How else you would explain that these women look magnificent in all, I mean in ALL their pictures. Well it turns out that it is not magic that makes them perfect, it is just a few simple and few very effective tricks. I am going to reveal these tricks.

1.The Natural look:

Whatever these ladies do whether it is spending time with family or attending an official meeting they always wear natural and minimum makeup: lip colors are nude, mild highlighter and smooth tones that gives these fascinating ladies a fresh look. By the way these ladies also follow the rule of two, if you are wearing makeup on your eyes and lips, skip the blush

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

2.Avoiding eye contact:

This trick is often used by Kate Middleton; if you observe her pictures carefully that she looks to the side. The trick is when you avoid eye contact with the camera you avoid the risk of getting caught in your picture with your eyes half closed, or bored, or something worse. Besides when a person glances towards a side, the photos look almost flawless when they are taken in motion.

Kate Middleton - Eye contact
Kate Middleton – Eye contact

3.The head tilt:

Meghan Markle has another trick up her sleeve. In many photos you can find her head is slightly tilted towards the side. It turns out that this innocent gesture isn’t accidental either. It is proved in a study that when your head is tilted to your right, preferably at an angle of 15 degrees, you would get your best shots.

Meghan Markle - The Head Tilt
Meghan Markle – The Head Tilt

4.Good posture:

You can recognize that the Duchesses in any crowd by the peculiar way they hold themselves, a straight but a relaxed back and a chin that is parallel to the floor gives these ladies their elegant look. By the way any one that has walked around in high heels knows how difficult it is to carry such posture for a long time but Kate Middleton manages it flawlessly with her hips and legs facing forward and her torso upright.

Good Posture
Kate Middleton

5. Meghan and Kate Shoulders to the camera:

When straight shoulders turn to the camera directly it not only has your legs look sleeker and longer but also heightens your waist! That’s why even though Kate avoids looking at the camera, there are very few photos where her body isn’t turned toward it.

Kate and Meghan
Kate and Meghan

6.The hip tilt:

Ever notices those models who seem to know instinctively how to stand to get their best shot? So, in most cases, while standing they slightly tilt their hip of their supporting leg and at the same time the toes of their free leg point forward. This pose works every single time making your body loo slimmer on camera and your legs stretch for miles! Besides this you might try to bend your body a bit and put your knees together- it’ll create nice accents. It looks like Meghan Markle has perfected these poses and looks absolutely natural making them!

Meghan Markle Hip-Tilt

7. Meghan and Kate Materials and color:

Usually the Duchesses don’t mix more than two colors. Nevertheless, Meghan or Kate are adventurous to combine classic colors with bright ones. And by wearing straps and belts, the ladies draw attention to their waist. On top of that, royals choose thick, high-quality fabrics for their outfits, as well as more fitted silhouettes.

Royals Dressing sense
Meghan and Kate

8.The way they sit:

Kate Middleton is famous for her elegance and her gracefulness. As for her usual sitting pose, it’s even known as the “Duchess slant,” because Princess Diana once inspired it. The main thing about this posture is that you don’t cross your legs at your ankle but just keep your knees and feet together and tilt your ankles to your side. However, you can also try the “Cambridge cross”, another pose Kate likes to use. In this case, you bring your knees together and tilt your legs slightly to the side, but your legs are crossed at the ankle.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

9.The smile:

Meghan and her enchanting smile is neither provoking nor tiresome. It would be difficult to be nice all the time if paparazzi followed you wherever you go, but it is hard to find a photo where Duchess of Sussex doesn’t look friendly.

 Magical Smile
Meghan Markle – Magical Smile

I urge you to follow Meghan and Kate impressive tricks to get flawless pictures; do let me know what you think about this article in the comment section below.

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