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Top 20 latest Hijab styles of 2019

Hello Readers! My Today’s post is about Top Hijab styles of 2019 and types of Muslim Outfits. Hijab, Head Scarves, Burqa, Abaya and Chador is, Islam most common practices followed by Muslim women’s. Hijab is a scarf that covers the head to maintain modesty and privacy from males. Some of Muslim men’s also wear Hijab or scarf to show modesty. It comes in different colors and patterns and can be worn in different styles.

Now a days, Non-Muslims also started wearing scarfs either to hide their beauty or to protect from pollution and sun. In both cases Hijab or scarf is very useful for women’s. Before we jump into styles lets look at why Muslim women wear Hijab?

Why do we wear Hijab?

The word Hijab itself technically known as curtain or hiding. We wear them because we believe, it liberating that causes harassment. Hijab allows us to retain modesty, morals and freedom. We didn’t chose hijab because of force, but we do because it protect us from evil eye.

Different head wear styles From Head Scarf to Niqab:

Hijab: It is specially to cover complete head and chest. It comes in different colors and shades. Head scarf is also similar like hijab, but it cover only the head.

Burqa: Its a loose outer garment to cover the whole body from head to toe. It prevents the body from exposure.
It is usually in combination with Hijab and scarf.

Chador: Its a large piece of wrapped around head and upper body. Only a face can be seen.

Abaya: Loose outer garment to cover whole body worn by Muslims to hide their curves. It is usually in combination with Hijab and scarf.

Niqab: Its a piece to cover whole face excluding eye. The Niqab is a combination with Burqa and Hijab or Abaya and Hijab.

Here are the Top Hijab Styles of 2019:

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